Flame Dog!

This project begins with a golf-cart that my dad has wanted to take out to Burning Man for the last couple of years. I can't say with any certainty why it has become an elephant. The general proportions of an elephant cover the base golf-cart fairly well.

NAHJI: Intro
NAHJI: Design
NAHJI: Base Vehicle Modifications
NAHJI: Fun with PVC
NAHJI: Wire-Frame Build I
NAHJI: Wire-Frame Build II
NAHJI: Skinning an Elephant I
NAHJI: Skinning an Elephant II
NAHJI: Gold Leaf & Paint
NAHJI: Canopy
NAHJI: Details I
NAHJI: Details II
NAHJI: Burning Man 2012
NAHJI: Henna

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An Asian / Indian elephant theme offers plenty of inspirational depth to mine. You might even imagine a backstory involving wayward gypsies making their way home from the Hippie Trail after years of roaming the Near & Far East. Perhaps adopting the local mode of transportation for their return after trading a VW micro-bus for a poorly remembered mystical, transcendental experience.

       Tom Wilson

       Tom Wilson
       Debbie Wilson
       Bill Wilson
       George Palmer
       Denise Palmer

Interior Mods & Upholstery
       Debbie Wilson
       Ruthmary Wilson
       Denise Palmer

Nahji the Elephant - August 7, 2012

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