Flame Dog!

So where does a mahout ride and steer an elephant from? Up high just behind the elephant's head of course! Seats were added above the front wheels as part of the support frame for the outer shell. The steering, brake and accelerator controls were moved so the cart can be driven from the new front left seat.

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NAHJI: Wire-Frame Build I
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NAHJI: Skinning an Elephant I
NAHJI: Skinning an Elephant II
NAHJI: Gold Leaf & Paint
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NAHJI: Details I
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NAHJI: Burning Man 2012
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The original brake pedal was connected through direct linkage to a new pedal. The new accelerator was connected to the original through a sheathed cable. Moving the steering required a couple attempts. The first version used a cable and drums. Enough leverage couldn't be created at the steering wheel to easily overcome the drag of the cables through the sheaths, even after swapping the drums and re-routing the cables to reduce drag. The final configuration placed the steering wheel at a less desirable position but provides easy steering through chain and sprockets.


Side View of Golf-Cart With Modifications - February 18, 2012

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